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Try uploading the files again and make sure they are in the right directory.
The English actress, 21, looked super cool for the outing in a red hoodie and denim jacket as she enjoyed the flirty moment with the American musician, 27, who went edgy in a Purple Haze shirt.

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Cruise ship churches tend to be internally focused on the needs of their regularly attending members.

The main goal in these churches, as on a cruise ship, is to keep the “customer” happy and the complaints to a minimum.

In the distant future, people may outlaw driving cars because it’s too dangerous.

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most people don't know what a CA certificate is, so you can't leave it this way, cause they will say, that ubuntu just cannot connect and they are moving back to windows...

[CARSON]: How soon will self-driving cars realistically be a significant portion of Uber’s fleet?

[KALANICK:] That is the trillion-dollar question, and I wish I had an answer for you on that one, but I don’t.

I'll check if it works with an older ubuntu version asap.

I have tries with different certificates (cause my school haven't issued one) and it didn't work.