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In 27 (45.8%) patients (13 female and 14 male) K103N mutation was detected.

In 10 (55.6%) and 2 (11.1%) cases mutations in position G190S and K103S were found, respectively.

Of 82 samples collected from newly diagnosed HIV-infected antiretroviral naïve patients only 6 samples (7.3%) had other resistance mutations which can be classified as 'minor' or 'other' according to HIVDR database of Stanford University: L10V - PI minor mutation associated with resistance to most PIs when present with other mutations; L33F - PI minor mutation selected by FPV/r, DRV/r, LPV/r, ATV/r, and TPV/r, and contributes decreased susceptibility to these PIs; V118I - accessory mutation usually occurred with multiple TAMs and contributes some resistance to each of the NRTIs including 3TC and FTC; T74S is ‘other’ mutation associated with reduced NFV susceptibility; and V108I - accessory mutation, causes low-level resistance to NVP and EFV.

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