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Apt cyg error updating setup ini

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Alberto I know people have sort of talked about this off and on, but does it work?

I've installed Cygwin a couple of times on older systems but never messed with it all that seriously.

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Linux programs expect that when spawning a new process, the new process will have the same memory layout as the old one but Windows actively changes the memory layout whenever a new process is started.

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See What topics can I ask about here in the Help Center. apt-cyg: Check out the issues tab for the project to see the known problems. – user284244 Jan 30 '15 at | show more comments Cygwin's setup accepts command-line arguments to install packages from the command-line. is now called setup-x86- or a variant depending on cpu bits.

edited Feb 5 at rany 133 7 answered Feb 19 '12 at Zorobabel 763 6 8 Thanks! Also see here for the package list – Erich BSchulz Jan 18 '14 at 2 Also, to specify multiple packages, separate them with commas. in DOS, type – Michael Scheper Mar 19 '14 at There doesn't seem to be a way of setting up specific versions.

– CMCDragonkai May 26 '16 at @jturney, Is this stable?

this guide is long so please read the whole thing through before following any of the steps, then read again and and do each step as things come up.

Each step well be in its post following STEP ONE in the OP.